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We are pleased that you have chosen to consider one of our available properties to be your next home.  Rush Homes is dedicated to providing professional property management and responsive maintenance to our residents.    This process represents both a credit and background check for anyone 18 years of age that will be residing in the home.  In order to process your application and obtain approvals in the most efficient manner please consider the following requirements.

At the time of application we require a money order of $45.00 (per applicant 18 years or older) as a non-refundable application fee.  Also, you will sign a “Agreement for Application Deposit and Hold on Property” form and provide a check in the amount of the security deposit (equal to one months rent). 

The application must be completed for each person, age 18 or older, that would be living in the home.

The applicant will be required to have either satisfactory prior rental or mortgage payment history.

The applicant will be required to have satisfactory credit history.

The applicant will be required to demonstrate proof in income. 

The applicant will be required to verify and list any pets.  If pets are approved, the applicant will be required to remit a pet deposit at the time of execution of the lease and additional rent will be charged.

Rush Homes, after the completion of your application processing, will attempt to individually determine if there are remedies available to correct qualifying failures.  Rush Homes prides itself in seeking to find solutions to rental underwriting challenges such as bankruptcies and credit issues.

Along with the application, please provide the following:

Copy of your Driver’s License
Copy of your Social Security Card 

Proof of Income (Copies of 2 most recent pay stubs)

Once completed, the application(s) and other documents should be sent to:

By Mail:    Rush Homes, LLC.  18181 Midway Road, Suite 200, Dallas TX 75287-8103

By Fax:      443-946-2439.

By Email:



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